Midnight Mystery: K-Kountry Party 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
Midnight Mystery: K-Kountry Party 2018

Where are the forks? Where did the blob go? There has been some crazy things going on here at K-Kountry! 

We have narrowed the results to 7 possible suspects, it is up to YOU to discover who has taken our forks and our blob captive! 


For our Midnight Mystery party, Kampers solve the mystery of the missing forks and blob. The day before the party, the forks go missing in the dining hall and the suspicion rises. The morning of the party, Kampers wake up to the missing blob. We have a team of detectives in charge of this case. The detectives need the Kampers help to solve the clues so we can get to the bottom of this nonsense!

Kampers recieve a packet full of evidence of why each suspect could be guilty. Examples such as the blob rope was found on the dock, or the security cameras spotted a certain person near the blob minutes before it was stolen! At the party, Kampers have opportunities to interrogate suspects, coming up with their guess on who stole the blob.