Man Night: Air it Out & Beast Hunt! | Kanakuk Kamps
Man Night: Air it Out & Beast Hunt!

Once a week, our Kuks gather for a day of all things manly! This is often the highlight and most memorable day for our Kuk Kampers, as they play flag football and embark on an adventurous Beast Hunt!! 



We start the afternoon off with a big flag-football tournament that we call Air it Out!! The Kampers are divided Choctaw and Cherokee and are then put into teams of 6, with one counselor playing as the quarterback. Kampers get to play on teams from 4 different conferences: SEC, Big 12, PAC 12 and Big 10. Kampers get to play for teams they have always dreamed of playing for! The tournament is realistic with announcers and everything! The games begin and there is a Choctaw and Cherokee winning team, that will continue on to the championship game. Before the final championship game, they get to participate in a tailgate style dinner on the field! We grill out and eat hot dogs and hamburgers! All Kampers gather to watch the final championship game! Finally, the winning team gets to go on a special trip to Sonic at the end of the night! 




The night is still young once Air it Out ends! Next, the Kampers get to move on to our traditional Beast Hunt! Twelve beasts are roaming around K-Kountry causing havoc! Examples of these beasts include: Yeti, Sasquatch, Werewolf, and a Mammoth. It is the Kampers' objective to roam Kamp and find the beasts and hit them with "radioactive" tennis balls. Once the beast is caught, each Barn's counselor takes a selfie with the entire barn and the beast! This validates their hunt! At the end of the night, the Barn that caught the most beasts gets to join the Air it Out winners to a trip to Sonic!! 



This day celebrates manhood through competition, teamwork, courage and leadership! It is our goal to train our Kuk Kampers to be men of God and a man after God's own heart. K-Kountry is a great place to grow young men and serve as a sending ground for these Kuk Kampers.