K-Kountry K-Life 2, 2015 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Kountry K-Life 2, 2015
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K-Life is a K-Kountry favorite as we all gather in Barn 13 to dance, meet fun characters, worship and most importantly, listen to a lesson about God. With our new one week schedule, each Kamper attends three K-Lifes per term. K-Life 2 occurs every Monday night! If you would like to read about K-Life 1, click here! Continue reading to get a closer look at what every K-Life 2 looks like!



K-Life always starts with some hyped up cheering and dancing! After about three songs, K-Life intros begin! The first activity at K-Life is the presentation of the two VIP passes! One Kuk and one Komo Kamper receive a "VIP Pass" for either conqering a fear or being a great friend that day! The two winners of the VIP Pass get the honor of sitting in our "VIP Lounge" during the Gospel Skit! 



This week, after our VIP Passes were handed out, we got to watch a music video that our Programs Leadership created featuring our very own counselors and Kampers!! To check out the video, click here


Next, we always get to meet some super fun characters! In K-Life 2, our Kampers get to meet some super funny astronauts and space cadets who are trying to find a way to make it to Mars!! These characters then teach the Kampers a dance to "Jet Pack Kicks" by Family Force Five! Be sure to ask your Kampers to teach you the fun and catchy dance!




After meeting some characters and watching some skits, there is always a boys versus girls competition! We love competition here at K-Kountry! 



After games and competition, we begin to wind down and prepare out hearts for worship. We start by singing about three worship songs, led by our incredible K-Kountry band. 




After worship, we go directly into our Gospel Skit, a fun skit designed to share the Gospel with Kampers in an easy to follow way! The skit is a similar story to the Prodigal Son, featuring a French baker and his daughter, Chloe. The Gospel Skit is a K-Kountry tradition that speaks the Gospel to Kampers in an amazing way!!


Lastly, every K-Life 2, we hear from our Kamper Personnel, Bubby Harrell. He speaks on sin and the separation it forms between us and God. He speaks on the gravity and weight of sin and the dependence we have on God's grace. This is a time when Kampers learn about their inerrant sin and the mercy that God showers upon us.