Great Questions For The Drive Home | Kanakuk Kamps
Great Questions For The Drive Home


Check out these questions that are unique to our 2019 summer! With these questions, we hope your trip home is fun and intentional as your Kampers tell you all about the greatest week ever! As Summer 2019 is coming to an end, we want to help you stimulate intentional conversation to get your Kamper talking about their time at Kamp! 


What was the coolest way you decorated your barn during Best Barn? 


Everday, Kampers have a competition to see whose barn is the cleanest, and decorated the most creatively! At the end of the week, the winning barn receives a special prize! 


How many points did you get during READY.SET.GAME? 


At our READY.SET.GAME. party, Kampers have the opportunity to win points throughout the evening by playing various games, and discovering scanveger hunts! Side Note: We have a giant game of Jenga and the winning team gets ice cream with breakfast!!!

What was your favorite Gospel Skit character? 

Our Gospel Skit is a way to help the message of the gospel really stick with our Kampers. Plus, we have some awesome characters that make it so much fun to watch! This years gospel skit was The Island of The Schoomps! 

What was your favorite activity during free time?

Free Time is a part of the day when Kampers get to choose what to do! Want an extra turn at the trapeze? What about the Putt Putt slides? This is the time to do it! 


For Barn's 1-6: Did you catch a crawdad on Canoe Trip?

For Barn's 7-12: What was your "water devo" about on Ski Trip?


Canoe and Ski trip are one of the best parts of Kamp! Sometimes, its just fun to get out on the water! Some of the happiest memories are made on these trips, and they are a great talking point on the ride home. 

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