The Gospel Skit K-Kountry 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
The Gospel Skit K-Kountry 2018

A K-Kountry tradition that has impacted the lives of many. 


For years, K-Kountry has done a gospel skit every summer during K-Life. The basic story line of the gospel skit is a story that reflects the gospel, how God promised us life and life abundantly, but then our human nature caused us to sin, we experienced the sin, and our Heavenly Father, Jesus saved us because of his love for us. 

During K-Life, we relate this skit to the talk each night. So for the first night, we tell the Kampers about God's magnificent love for us, on the second night we talk about our sin and how it seperates us from God, and on the third night we talk about how our heavenly father sent his son to rescue us. 

This year the Gospel skit is "Dr. Plunder's Wild World of Wonder." A circus that looks magical and exciting from the outside. A young boy, Elliot, and his dad go to watch the circus and his dad warns him that it's not as amazing as it seems. Elliot ignores his fathers love and advice, and chooses to join the circus. Elliot quickly learns that his father was right, and that the circus was miserable. Dr. Plunder's final trick is the "Box of Doom", where he plans for Elliot to die. On the last night of the Gospel Skit, Elliot's dad comes and takes his place in the box of doom.