The Gospel Skit at K-Kountry 2017! | Kanakuk Kamps
The Gospel Skit at K-Kountry 2017!

Hey everyone! A few nights a week here at K-Kountry we perform a little something we like to call the Gospel Skit to conclude KLIFE. Each summer we create a compelling, fun storyline that the Kampers follow as the week progresses. Our mission is to present the Gospel in a way that engages and teaches our Kampers.



Welcome to the K-Kruise!!!! This summer we follow four adventurous children as they take the trip of a lifetime aboard the K-Kruise, “the only cruise for only kids.”



On the ship, the kids meet an array of characters which include the Captain and a funny parrot named Skittles. While aboard, the children have unlimited possibilities and are able to do just about anything their hearts' desire. However, the #1 rule on the K-Kruise is "don't touch the steering wheel"... but there’s no need when they have a perfect Captain steering their ship!



The kids end up attempting to steer the ship because they think they know better than the Captain. They then crash the ship on the mysterious island of Tchibanga and are captured by some wild tribesmen! The Captain appears and comes to the rescue only to find out he will have to pay the price of death for the children to go free. The children flee the island believing that the Captain is gone forever. As the children are rescued and taken ashore by Davey, the firstmate, they are welcomed by their friends and family. The kids are heartbroken as the Captain is gone. But little did they know that the Captain escaped and was alive and well, welcoming them back aboard offering them forgiveness for their disobendience.



We share this Gospel Skit story to teach the kids the great love that God has for us. God sent his own son, Jesus, to pay a ransom for our sins so that one day we may worship with Him for eternity. Our heartbeat at Kanakuk is to tell our kampers of the perfect love God has for us, and one of our favorite ways to do this is through the Gospel Skit of the K-Kruise!



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