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A Day in the Life at K-Kountry, 2015
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From the moment Kampers wake up to the moment their heads hit the pillow, there is always something fun going on! With our new one-week schedule we are sure to pack their day with fun and exciting activities! We do our best to maximize every moment and make their one week at K-Kountry the best week of their life, while also teaching them the truth of the Gospel!



Kuks (boys) and Komos (girls) follow slightly varied schedules so that we can maximize the amount of available activities. After waking up at 8 A.M. all Kampers head to the Wake-Up Show, where they participate in a morning devo and work on memorizing our verse of the day! Komos then head to breakfast as Kuks clean their barns. After Komo breakfast, all Kampers and Staff meet at the platform for a fun skit, birthday celebrations and the raising of the flag. Immediately after flag, Kuks head to breakfast as the Komos begin to clean their barns! 





After breakfast is when the schedule begins to pick up and get exciting!! Kampers now attend three periods of fun activities! One of those periods is called "Klinics," where every day Kampers get 50 minutes to practice a sport of their choice! We offer a wide variety of sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, baseball, gymnastics, cheer and dance, and soccer! Klinics are a great time for Kampers to improve in their skills and sportsmanship. Kampers are scheduled with their Barn for the other two activities in the morning. Our amazing activities include: the pool, the blob, archery, BB, trampoline, water slides, the zipline, the dock, and our newest activity, the "slaunch!" 








One of the best parts of the day is called Bumble Bee! Kuks attend Bumblebee before lunch, and Komos after lunch. Bumble Bee is a time for Staff to honor Kampers for their hard work, positivity and amazing effort in their Klinic that day! One Kamper from each Klinic will receive their award from fun and enthusiastic characters!! Receiving a Bumble Bee is a high honor at K-Kountry and can easily be the highlight of a Kampers week! 





After lunch and Bumble Bee, Kampers now have something called FOB, which stands for "flat on back." This is time for Kampers to rest, write letters to mom and dad, and get quality time with the barn. The afternoon following FOB is very similar to the morning. However, we have a Kamp-wide free time, where Kampers get to choose which activity to participate in! We always open the entire pool, which includes the blob, diving boards, free swim, rings and the trapeze! In addition, we open our putt putt course, the water slides and the slaunch! In addition to their afternoon activities, every Tuesday and Thursday, Kampers compete in tribal competitions!! Competition is time for Kampers to take pride in their tribe and compete for the victory at the end of the week! For more information on K-Kountry tribals, click here!


Each night we end with an evening activity! The evening activity is the climax of the day! These activities include K-Life, Kamp parties and either Girls Night or Man Night! These nightly activities are always full of energy and fun! Kampers wait all year long to attend K-Life and our memorable parties! 







Before each Kamper goes to bed, they will participate in a nightly devo with their barn, lead by their amazing and well-trained counselors. It is our goal to point each Kamper to Jesus Christ and help them gain an understanding of the Gospel. Every night they have opportunity to read through the Scriptures and discuss all that they are learning about God with their barn and counselors.  


Each day of Kamp is amazing and memorable! We strive to create moments of wonder and lifelong memories for each and every Kamper! Not only is it our daily goal to make this the most amazing week of each Kamper's life, but even more to show them the love of Christ and glorify the Lord in all we do! K-Kountry is truly the happiest place on earth!