The Buzz About Bumblebee | Kanakuk Kamps
The Buzz About Bumblebee

So what is all the buzz about Bumblebee here at K-Kountry? Believe it or not, most scientists say that bumblebees should not be able to fly, due to their large body and small wings. However, the bumblebee defies the odds and flies anyways! Just as the bumblebee works hard, we have Kampers here at K-Kountry that word hard, possess determination and a positive attitude! Therefore, we choose to honor these Kampers by daily giving out the Bumblebee Award!!




Both Kuk and Komo Kampers attend the Bumblebee period every day. Cheering begins and the Bumblebee enters!! One by one, clinic heads take the stage and perform a skit displaying the fearless, hard working Kampers of the day. Through their skit, they announce the Bumblebee winner!! The Kamper's name is chanted and they are cheered on as they run to the front to accept their new Bumblebee pin. 



We use Bumblebee as a way to speak life and encouragement into these Kampers. Kampers are left feeling noticed, appreciated and special. That is our goal here at K-Kountry- to honor and cherish each and every Kamper as they are inside our gates. We desire for Kampers to not only reach their full potential, but to show and prove to them their worth and value in Jesus Christ.