This Week in Photos | Kanakuk Kamps
This Week in Photos
We’ve had another great week here at K-1, and we want to share some of our favorite photos from this week. 
On Sunday, we had our Dream Job themed party! Kampers were dressed as doctors, nurses, police officers, athletes, and much more! These Kampers aspire to be athletes one day!
Everyday, Kampers get to participate in a wide variety of activities throughout Kamp! A Kamper favorite is the Blob! Kampers are launched by their friends into the air where they then land in the cool water on a hot summer day!
Kampers got to participate in our Hungry Games themed night where they had to complete food related games in order to receive a sweet treat at the end of the night!
Once a term, every cabin gets the opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon out on Lake Taneycomo. The Kampers get to spend quality time with their cabin mates while swimming and tubing! These girls had a blast spending a morning on the water!
Our boy Kampers got to participate in a March Madness tournament on Wednesday! The Kampers were divided into teams within their tribes and competed against each other for a tribal victory on the basketball court! The Cherokees came out victorious this term!
Kampers find different ways everyday to stay cool here at Kamp! The waterslides are always a huge hit at K-1! These boys came down with smiles on their faces and made a big splash in the pool at the bottom!
Our Kampers had the opportunity to hear a gospel message this week during our cross talk night. Kampers got to see the gospel played out in front of their eyes for the first time. 
On Thursday, after a term full of preparation and hard work, the Kiowas and Kickapoos had their stunt performance! Each tribe had a theme for their performance and all the members in the tribe got to take part in the prduction!
We’re looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us next week!
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