Water World Night Activity | Kanakuk Kamps
Water World Night Activity

Evening activities are always an adventure! Every night provides Kampers with a new exciting activity that captivates their imaginations while teaching them a valuable lesson. One of the most exciting nights of the summer is called Water World. During this wet and wild evening every water activity in Kamp is open for adventure. This includes: boat rides, tower jumps, the slip n’ slide, pool fun, Tarzan Land, and water balloon excitement. With all the riveting options it’s impossible to make it through the evening without having a big smile and wet hair. As each cabin makes their way to the different activities you couldn’t help but want to jump right in on the splash of fun.


To go along with all of the summer action there were also snow cones to compliment the outdoor activities to enjoy along the way. At the end of the night there was an epic water performance. The show was kicked off with interpretive dancing that provided everyone a big laugh. We then saw a synchronized swimming act, followed by a K1 expert seal trainer and his galavanting seals doing some awesome tricks. The finale included amazing acrobatics off of the trapeze, and the night came to a close with two staff members performing high-flying belly flops. To say the least it was a big splash of fun!!



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