Pool Fun in the Sun | Kanakuk Kamps
Pool Fun in the Sun

Whether your kamper is taking a leap of faith off of the high dive, swinging from the trapeze above, or taking part in an infamous blob war, they’re absolutely having the time of their lives at the K1 pool.  Although the equipment at the pool is a means to fun, the Kampers and counselors are who make it into a water world of adventure. The blob for instance is a Kamper named Jackson’s absolute favorite activity to dominate. Daily, you can hear his voice all the way from the K-Dome yelling “blobbers are you ready?” as he catapults other Kampers high into the air for a whirlwind of fun, then safely into the water below.


If you sat and listened to a cabin of kampers at the pool you would hear several things. First you would hear voices of encouragement from counselors coaching and cheering their kids to take the leap off of the trapeze. Second you would hear kampers creating magical memories as they jet down the waterslide, or perform the next big flip off of the diving board. Lastly you would hear multiple learning opportunities taking place as counselors lovingly teach, coach, and pray with their kiddos.  


We believe that a Kampers experience at K1 should be action packed, that’s why we go by the motto of “no lines no benches”. There is always something that each Kamper can be doing while at the pool. Kampers learn new skills off of the diving boards and new strokes to swim faster in the pool, along with tons of fun Kanakuk original pool games.


The pool is a place where there is lots of laughter and fun in the sun!


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