KLIFE 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
KLIFE 2017

“Get hype, get hype, get hype for KLIFE.” Is the sound we hear as the Kampers flood into the doors of KLIFE. Boys and girls love KLIFE for several reasons including; dance parties, funny skits, interactive games, praise and worship, and an engaging message. We kick off the night with an epic dance party that is followed by some funny skits. Skits are a great way to tell a story, teach a lesson, or convey an emotion. Our programs team has come up with skits that are funnier than ever, and have Kampers rolling on the ground in laughter, or rioting on their feet in chant or cheer. To tag along with all the fun skits the programs team also performs the Gospel Skit; where a message of sin, forgiveness, and salvation are all woven into the theme of a Kamper friendly story. We also play games! Games are a fun part of KLIFE. They are especially exciting when you add a bit of healthy competition between boys and girls, which makes everyone super competitive. Whether it is a few special volunteers from the crowd or a game everyone participates in, the kids love the chance to compete. After all the silliness at KLIFE we head into a time of worship through music. We sing a few songs that remind us about the character of God and how He is working among each and everyone of us. KLIFE is ended by a message about the gospel. We talk about sin and our need for a Savior. It is a time where we hear the word of God and continue to grow in our relationship with Him. We love the chance to show kids that loving Jesus is FUN!!