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K-1's Pastime: Wiffle Ball
What is a better way to spend a summer night sitting in the grand stands at your favorite ball park, than eating a hot dog and enjoying an ice cold soda? How about having that same experience at K-1 while cheering your tribe to victory?!
Here at K-1, our Kampers get to participate in America’s past time with a little Kamp twist. Kampers are placed on teams from the National League and the American League and are sent off to play some Wiffle Ball! The Kampers compete hard against each other all afternoon for the chance to represent their tribe under the lights down at Cooperstown Field, our Wiffle Ball stadium!
During tournament play, we have scouts scattered all over the fields looking for the best players to be selected for the All Star game. The scouts are also on the lookout for the top sluggers from each team to send to the Home Run Derby. 
As the tournament winds down and the winners from the Cherokees and Choctaws are announced, the Kampers head to Cooperstown Field with a grilled hot dog in hand! Kampers get to enjoy a picnic with their tribe before the game begins. 
With the field lit up, the All Star team from each tribe steps on to the field. The stands erupt with applause as the Kampers make big plays and play hard. Up next, the Home Run Derby participants get to take a swing for the fences! Each home run counts toward a cumulative score  and the tribe with the most home runs takes the victory!
The night isn’t over just yet! The Choctaw and Cherokee team that emerged victorious out of their bracket steps on to the field. As the Choctaws lined third base, the Cherokees lined first base, the National Anthem was sung and it was time to PLAY BALL! Seven innings of big plays, big hits, and a whole lot of cheering! Kampers cheer on their fellow teammates and show great sportsmanship through the entire night! 
At the end of the night, one tribe will be declared the Wiffle Ball Champion! Whether Choctaw or Cherokee, we are here for the same purpose, which is to glorify the Lord in all we do!
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