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K-1 Thankful for summer 2016!


This summer we learned what it means to “Run Free.” Our theme verse was Psalm 119:32, “I run in the way of your commands for you have set my heat free!” All summer we were able to run alongside our Kampers showing them that in Christ we have freedom and that the love of Christ changes our lives. They certainly responded by growing in not only stature, but in leaps and bounds spiritually. We had a blast this summer doing all of the fun activities at Kamp, such as clinics, where the Kampers got to develop valuable skills in their respective sports. They also had the pleasure of getting to compete as a part of a team when we broke them up into tribes each term. Our programs team put on several parties and K-life’s, but the best part about this summer is in ways that the Lord changed lives. We had many Kampers come to understand the grace of the Lord, and accept Him as their Savior. Ultimately, that is what we strived for the most this summer, and that is the reason our staff poured out so faithfully. We are thankful for our counselors and staff that ran alongside our Kampers and continually pointed them to Christ, but even more thankful for the parents who willingly put their Kampers into our arms. We are overjoyed looking back at the summer and seeing all that God did in this place and are excited to hear how He uses our Kampers when they go back home. We are looking forward to hearing all about how our Kampers continue to grow with their families throughout the year!


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