K-1 Red, White, and Boom Theme Party 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Red, White, and Boom Theme Party 2016

The "Red, White, and Boom" theme party was a blast, and was a fun way to honor our country. Here at K-1, we had an election for “President of Kanakuk Kamps.” One of the candidates was Dom Free (Freedom) with running mate Butch, who promised anything they wanted to all of the Kampers. Running against them was Lulu with running mate Rex Quan Do, who was running as the first kid president. Throughout the day, the campaigns continued. Lulu gave out cookies at every meal and Dom Free promised them escalators, the band One Direction at K-life, and Lebron James at basketball clinic. There were debates and all day the Kampers had to decide who to vote for.


After dinner there was one last speech from both candidates and then the Kampers cast their votes. If Lulu won, there would be a dance party and if Dom Free won there would be a pool party. In the end we decided that it would be best if they worked together and had a joint pool party and dance party. The Kampers were quite excited about that idea! There were popsicles and snow cones for some fun treats while watching fireworks, dancing and swimming. We are thankful to celebrate the USA with our friends here at Kamp! 


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