K-1 Ready, Set, Glow theme party 2016! | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Ready, Set, Glow theme party 2016!

Our time traveling hero, Marty McTasse, came back from the future to tell the kids about how cool the future is, and how he would like to take the kids with him. However, the Doc, Marty’s time traveling friend, runs in and warns Marty that the future has lost its glow and that the Kampers needed to help him get the glow back for the future. The Kampers went around to different stations to get themselves ready for the future, where everything glows. They finished the night with a dance party in the Kdome that was blacked out with tarps and black lights. It was DJ’d by DJ Manhands, our local Kamp DJ. The night was full of fun and adventure as the kampers got to experience a little taste of what a magical future, filled with lots of neon, would look like. 


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