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K-1 Questions for your Kampers 2016

At Kamp we have a lot of adventures and make a lot of fun memories! Following are some questions parents can ask their Kamper to learn more about their experience this summer at K-1!


What was your favorite Morning Show skit?

Every day at our Morning show there is a new skit! They are funny and entertaining! When explaining, they may start the fist pump or say “close enough,” and you will get a feel into how fun our mornings started! To learn more about this read our Morning Show blog


What was your tribal theme for the term?

Our Chiefs and Princesses work hard all year preparing to lead their tribes. They have theme verses that are referred to after the term that point them to the Lord. To learn more about Tribes read the Tribals blog!


What was your favorite game at K-life?

At K-life there are many different games! From relays, big group games and girl verse guys competitions, they are always hype and fun! To learn more about K-life read our K-life Blog!


On your overnight camping trip, what was your favorite activity?

On these trips, Kampers get to go tubing, bluff jumping, wake boarding and much more! It is a time for them to have new experiences and fun! To learn more read our Trip blog!


What does it mean to be "I’m Third"?

At Kamp we teach our Kampers to put God first, others second, and themselves third. We want them to see that the most important thing is loving the Lord with their whole heart and then the importance of serving others before themselves. To learn more read the I’m Third blog.


We are thankful to make memories, teach our Kampers new skills and point them towards Christ! Our staff is thankful for time here in Branson with these Kampers!


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