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K-1 New Testament Walk-Through 2016

Here at K-1, we are blessed to have 53 teaching times during each two-week session of Kamp. Kampers may not even realize that they are being taught because it is being done in such fun ways. Some of the teaching positions may be a quick devotion before a meal, a K-life talk, memorizing scripture at our morning show, or a lesson at church. We are thankful for all of these different times to learn more about Jesus.


During our morning devotions, we are teaching our Kampers the walk-through the New Testament. This walk-through teaches them important things to know about the Bible and includes words paired with motions to help them remember. Every day a leadership member teaches a lesson on one part of the walk-through. They will then practice the motions and words up until that point so that by the end of the term, they will know the whole thing!


Following is the New Testament Walk Through Words:


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Jump)


God becomes flesh.


Born of the Virgin Mary (Belly)


Carpenter in Nazareth (Sawing)


Baptized by John (The Swim)


Tempted by Satan (Squatting devil)


Power over Satan (Imposing flex)


Selection of the 12 (Pointing)


Sermon on the Mount (Hands over head making a point)


Parables Begin (Cast seed)


A Storm Stilled (Wide hands to straight down hands)


A Crowd Filled (Straight down hands to wide hands)


Transfiguration (Spirit hands starting from wide hands)


Lazarus Raised (Arms together, right arm raised)


Triumphal Entry (Whip to ride)


Last Supper (Break bread)


Prayed (Prayer hands)


Betrayed (Gun)


Tried (Arms crossed)


Crucified (Arms spread)


3, 2, 1. (Tap watch)


Resurrected (Sing “Celebrate good times” and dance)


Appeared to Many (Spin with opening arms)


Says “Go” (points forward)


Then Ascends (Points up)


Disciples Wait (Twiddling thumbs)


Spirit Comes (Waving flame)


Peter is the Rock (Pound fist three times while saying “Peter is the Rock.”)


Persecution (Whip)


Paul’s Conversion (Hands guarding from the sun)


Peter’s Vision (Telescope)


Paul’s Missionary Journeys


1st – 2 years – Galatia (Small circle)


2nd – 3 years – Greece (Medium Circle)


3rd – 4 years – Asia Minor (Large Circle)


First Imprisonment (handcuffs)


Freedom (handcuffs break)


Second Imprisonment (handcuffs)


Death (Hands cut throat)


Expansion of the Church – to Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth. (make a church with hand, then take hands small to wide arms)


(inhale and the shout) JESUS WILL RETURN!!!



We are so thankful to be able to walk along our Kampers as they learn more about the love of Christ.


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