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K-1 Gospel Skit 2016 - Rocket Squad

Every K-life--amidst the fun, dancing, skits, and games--their is meaning behind everything that we do. The best way that we can do that is by presenting our “Gospel skit,” which is a skit that follows a story line in order to help the Kampers see a different representation of the Gospel.


This summer, our Gospel Skit revolves around the lives of a family of superheroes named the “Rocket Squad.” The Rocket Squad, a family who gained super powers as they were on vacation in Yellow Stone National Park from a radioactive meteor strike, have taken on the role of always helping those in need. The Rocket Squad is found out to be the idea of a comic book writer that has come to life. During the Gospel Skit, they not only fight bad guys, but they also do their best to live by The Code. The Code has two steps that help them learn to do what is right and live how a super hero should.


Step 1. Always help those in need.

Step 2. Never ever listen to a bad guy.


They use this code to help them out until one day the father of the team, Captain Fuselage, is approached by a mysterious fan, who promises the ability to double their powers. After the Rocket Squad hastily runs into the fan’s home, they discover that they have walked right into a trap set by the evil Warhead. Warhead strips them of their powers and throws the Rocket Squad in a jail cell where there’s nothing they can do about it. That is, until Hodges, the mysterious writer of the Rocket Squad, comes in and proposes a trade where Warhead would trade the lives of the Rocket Squad for himself. Warhead happily agrees stating that this was his plan all along, and that he would take the writer’s life and still leave the Rocket Squad powerless. Everything seems hopeless until Hodges, returns from the dead after giving himself up for his creation, and triumphantly defeats warhead in a final battle.


Hodges, after defeating Warhead, sends the Rocket squad back into the world to do good as he created them for. He leaves with the message that he loves the Rocket Squad because he created them, and that he wants them to go out and tell everyone of the creator who loved them while they fight bad guys and follow the code.


In this Gospel Skit, the creator Hodges represents Jesus in his ability to not only create us but also in how he sacrificed himself for the Rocket Squad. Warhead, our villain character, represented the forces of evil that try to strip us of our joy and strength that comes from the Lord. The members of the Rocket Squad are all characters representing each of us in both our successes and failures. Ultimately the message is that you are saved by the creator giving himself up for you in order to free you from the forces of evil, and that your creator loved you enough to do that.


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