K-1 Clinics 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Clinics 2016

Summer is here again and so are our clinics! Clinics are our time when we come alongside our Kampers and develop them in whatever sports or activities they want to improve in. We have clinics on both boys and girls sides with skills ranging from basketball and football, to adventure and fire building. Our Kampers love clinics because they are given individual time with college athletes to take their talents to the next level. Our counselors not only create skill-building drills to practice with, but also allow games and activities so that they can put their new skills into practice. We involve every Kamper in their clinic by promoting that they are never asked to wait in line or sit on the bench because we want them to get the most out of this time. Not only do we take time to individually build up each Kamper, but we develop teamwork skills and teach that all we do is for the Lord. Clinics are a really fun time at K1!





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