Crosswalk | Kanakuk Kamps
Once a term, we dedicate one night to go through an interactive reenactment of Jesus’ life. We call this night Crosswalk. Kampers go around as a group to different locations in Kamp to see reenactments of major moments from the days and hours leading up to the crucifixion. 
Kampers enter into the dining hall where a long table is set and the twelve disciples are seated. Jesus is in the center and takes bread from a bowl and breaks bread with the disciples. The Kampers watch as Jesus and the disciples eat their last supper together. Jesus then explains that one of them will betray him that night. Jesus and the disciples exit the dining hall and head to the K-Dome where the Garden of Gethsemane is set up. The Kampers enter as Jesus is praying in the garden and the disciples are asleep. Suddenly, Roman guards barge in led by Judas and take Jesus away. 
Kampers then head up to the upper fields to the tribal ring. There, Pontius Pilate puts Jesus on trial. Screams from the crowd are heard. “Crucify him” they shout as Pontius asks the crowd what they would want done. Jesus is carried off for his crucifixion. 
Kampers head over to the foot of the cross for the final scene. Jesus is brought over by the Roman Guards and is “nailed” to the cross. After a few moments, the guards carry him away. Through all of this, Kampers are exposed to the life and death of Christ, but the story does not end there. Jesus returns and the disciples gather around him and celebrate his resurrection.
As the reenactment ends, a member of our Leadership team steps up and recaps the night for the Kampers. Kampers then get the opportunity to break off and discuss what they just saw with their cabin. Cabins get the opportunity to pray together and worship together at the foot of the cross.
Our prayer is that the Lord would use this night to change the hearts of kampers for eternity. We hope and pray that the change the Kampers experience doesn’t stop here. We pray that Kampers continue to grow and be light back home and in their schools and youth groups!
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