Cross Walk 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
Cross Walk 2017

Every day at Kamp we get opportunities to share the love of Christ with our Kampers. On a night we call Cross Walk, we put on a skit that walks through the story of the gospel.


This year we begin crosswalk in a scene in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. We see them walking through the garden with God. They then eat from the tree God told them not to eat from. We then explain that this is where sin and death entered the world.


The next scene takes place in Bethlehem with the miraculous birth of Jesus. God sent His son to this earth while all along we continued to sin. We then see a few people come out and confess sin in their life such as being selfish, being mean, or cheating. Then the Kampers have some time to reflect and write down some of their sin on a cloth.


At this time we move over to the water where we witness the miracle of Jesus walking on water and the importance of trusting in Him alone. Then Jesus comes out and we hear a sample of some of his teaching.


The next scene is the last supper and followed by Jesus going to pray. He is then put on trial and taken away by Roman soldiers to be crucified. After Jesus says, “It is finished,” the Roman soldiers take Him down to the grave. We explain that He was in the grave for three days and then He walks out showing that He has been resurrected.


At the end we hear a message from Shay. He begins his talk with relating our sin to cancer that leads to death. The only cure is for a doctor to sacrifice his son. He compares that to the sacrifice of Jesus. Christ died and resurrected to pay for our sin.


After Shay’s talk the Kampers have time to reflect in small groups from their cabin. If they choose they can take their sheet that they wrote sin on up to the cross and dip it in the water. The writing of their sin will be washed off symbolizing Jesus cleanses us of our sin and makes a way for us to have a relationship with Him. We are thankful for the opportunity to clearly share the gospel and see so many Kampers come to believe the gospel. 


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