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Thursday, July 3, 2008 - 02:25
We have a great little independant Christian radio station here in Branson called Life FM (KLFC). Started by people from a local church it has grown and thrived here.
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 - 02:39

Bridge work is already underway. Original estimates of 8 weeks or more may be giving way to just 3 weeks as plans to put culverts in the opening, over filling with gravel and paving take shape.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 02:30
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Monday, June 30, 2008 - 03:00
Chicken is amazingly tasty and everyone should eat more. Why do I say that? Well, as I write this I'm sitting within miles of Tyson chicken, processing plants, farms, trucks, and corporate offices. Around here everyone knows someone who works for Tyson chicken.
Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 11:27
Kanakuk Kamps, K-1 and K-Kountry, and the K-Kauai Family Kamp are all situated on the banks of Lake Taneycomo across from downtown Branson, Missouri.
After a long rainy season in 2008, and a steady rainy most of the night Branson is wet! Flash flooding occurred throughout the area over night and into the morning today.
Friday, June 27, 2008 - 03:00
Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 03:00 is getting a make-over! we've begun the process of changing the way people experience Kanakuk online. Here is a screen shot of a very conceptual stage of the redesign.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - 03:00
As many of you know Kanakuk Klassic is being converted to a Kids Across America camp in 2009. This means that all the faithful Kanakuk Klassic Kampers are going to have to find a new Kamp home among the other 7 Kamps.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - 16:51