Summer 2018 Theme Reveal: Re-Ignite | Kanakuk Kamps
Summer 2018 Theme Reveal: Re-Ignite

Happy 2018, Kanakuk family! The new year is here, and we are so excited to share the theme verse that will wave as a banner over Kamp throughout Summer 2018. As we reflected on last summer’s timeless and foundational message of “I’m Third,” we prayed that God would reveal a powerful verse that resonates with our Kampers, Staff and Directors and serves as a guiding light all summer long.

Through those prayers, God inspired our hearts with a verse that hinges around a single, powerful word: RE-IGNITE. We are prayerful that the strong calling in 2 Timothy 1:6 will lead our Kampers into a closer, deeper relationship with their Savior!


“For this reason, I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you.”

2 Timothy 1:6


With the energy and nonstop fun of Kamp surrounding us all in the summertime, it’s easy to be on fire for the Lord. But during the rest of the year as we experience all of life’s ups and downs, that flame in our hearts can have the tendency to fade. This summer, we will look to 2 Timothy 1:6 as a reminder that God’s promises are everlasting. His splendor burns more brightly than ever and His plan for each of us is perfect and real— we just have to remember to put our trust in Him! Just like the heat from a flame, we are able to feel God working in our lives, and we believe that is an essential reminder as we live our lives to honor Christ.


Each and every day, we are able to wake up and experience God’s love as if it were brand new. When Paul writes that we “kindle afresh the gift of God,” he points to our inward recognition of God’s refreshing grace that we are able to receive in abundance. Our Savior’s glory is RE-IGNITED in us each morning, and we can’t wait to celebrate that with our Kampers this summer.


Are you ON FIRE with excitement for Summer 2018? So are we! We can’t wait to see how the Lord works in the lives of each of our Kampers and Staff members.


We are thrilled to RE-IGNITE with you!