Summer 2017 Party Themes | Kanakuk Kamps
Summer 2017 Party Themes

In case you missed it, yesterday we announced the themes of our Kamp parties for Summer 2017!!! If you’ve been to Kamp before, you know that we LOVE our parties, and that they’re some of our favorite days of summer. Parties are the perfect chance for Kampers of all ages to make new friends, let their personalities shine, and create some of the top summer memories.


So, are you headed to Kamp this year and need a little outfit inspiration for our 2017 parties? Here’s a list of all our themes with great costume ideas for each party. Click the image to visit our Pinterest page to see more ideas and help get your party packing list ready! Be sure to visit to check out which Kamp you are attending and see parties they will be hosting during your time at Kamp! 


After Dark in the Ark 

Animals of every kind are flooding into Kanakuk and they’re coming two by two! The K-Dome has turned into a zoo filled with bass-jumping good times! Run, walk, slither, or hop on over dressed as your favorite animal and give a whole new meaning to ‘Party Animal’!


Holiday Hysteria 

Get ready for the best day—or should we say YEAR of your life! It’s practically impossible to choose a favorite holiday, so why should we? This Summer, we’re packing an entire year’s worth of holidays into one action-packed day of holiday fun!


Game Day: Fanny Packs and Snap Backs 


Welcome to College Game Day—Kanakuk style. Represent your favorite team with your favorite gear—but you better stretch out those hammies because you’ll be on the field for this legendary game day experience!


Superhero Showdown 

Calling all superheroes—the greatest super villains of all time have banded together to take over Kanakuk Kamps! BANG… POW…. ZAP!! Pack your cape, super hero mask and greatest moves to help save the day!


American Bandstand 

Anyone reminiscing about the good ole days? History has a way of repeating itself as we bring the American Bandstand back to life to dance through the decades! Bust out your poodle skirts, bell bottoms, shoulder pads, letter jackets and tie dyes, roll up those jeans and t-shirts and slick back your hair, because this party will be the ultimate throwback!


Kanakuk Kountry Fair 

Get yer boots on because the Kanakuk Kountry Fair only comes once a summer! We can’t wait for funnel cakes, livestock auctions, and demo derbies—a pair of Wrangler cut offs and a ten gallon hat ought to do the trick at this country shindig!


We ‘Arg’ Crusin 

Welcome to the U.S.S. Kanakuk, your luxury cruise liner of choice! Enjoy the endless amenities… until your ship is taken over by pirates! ARG! Grab your eye patch, pirate flag, and peg leg to join your favorite swashbucklers for ‘RRR’ epic adventure on the seven seas!