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Staying Connected After Kamp

Happy Back-to-School Season to many of our Kampers! After such an awesome summer, we hope everyone is smoothly settling back into the routine of school and other happenings at home.

Between classes, homework, extracurricular activities and hanging with family, you may feel unsure of how to best stay in touch with the new Kamp friends you made this summer. There’s good news! We have several great ways for you to stay intentionally stay connected with Kanakuk friends—no matter where your Kamp besties live.


Social Media


Social media is a great way to regularly interact with our community beyond the gates of Kanakuk! You can follow us on Instagram (@kanakukkamps) and Twitter (@kanakuk), as well as like our Facebook page. If you’re a Kanakuk alum, we also have a Facebook page specifically for you! Staffers, you have your own Instagram (@Kanakuk_Staff), too.


We’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the year until we all reunite next summer! (We also share plenty of sweet Kamp memories—it’s likely you’ll spot yourself or a Kamp pal on our social pages one day!)




You can keep the spirit of Kamp alive all year long by becoming involved in KLIFE and/or I’m Third Groups. KLIFE hosts a variety of Kamp-like activities in communities across the country throughout the year. These activities might include small group Bible studies, fun events, mission trips and more. To learn more about KLIFE, visit the website here.


I’m Third Groups


I’m Third Groups are a special opportunity to connect once a week for an hour-long phone call with a small group leader and friends from Kamp. It’s a Counselor/Kamper discipleship experience that will help you grow in your daily walk with Christ. Learn more about joining an I’m Third group here.


Joe White’s YouTube Channel


As the President of Kanakuk, Joe White often shares lessons and advice through videos on his YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. To be inspired by the foundational truths of Kanakuk, follow along with Joe on YouTube—it’s like having a piece of Kanakuk always at your fingertips!


Accountability Partners


Last but not least, finding a Kamp accountability partner is a great way to make sure the light of Jesus burns brightly in you all year long. We even recommend establishing dedicated times to check in on the phone with a friend from Kamp, whether it’s once a month or once a week. This is an opportunity to talk about life with a like-minded friend and refocus on what Jesus has in store for your lives.


At Kanakuk, we believe life is better together! We hope you’ll take to heart one or more of the ways to stay connected that we listed above. We can’t wait to reunite next summer, but until then, don’t be afraid to give your Kamp best friends a ring, write them a letter, or plan a meet-up!