Mom-Director Spotlight: Rachel Sparks | Kanakuk Kamps
Mom-Director Spotlight: Rachel Sparks

The men and women who speak into our lives throughout our child and teen years set strong foundations. This begins with parents and extends into coaches, mentors, teachers, ministers and even older friends. At Kanakuk, our leaders have the unique privilege of coming alongside parents to Kampers’ lives.


Over the next few months, we will shine a spotlight on some of our Kamp Directors, who also carry the title “mom,” allowing them to share about their experiences as Kamp leaders and Kamp parents!


This month, we’re highlighting Rachel Sparks, our K-Kountry Women’s Director and mother of three. She shares her two-part goal as a Kamp leader and her perspective on how Kamp impacts a child’s heart.


Part I: Leading Kids to Know Jesus

The most important thing we could ever do as believers is lead others to Christ, so it’s also the most important thing we do at Kamp. Kids are never too young to learn about Jesus’s massive love for them.


God is present throughout every aspect K-Kountry and Kanakuk as a whole. Everywhere Kampers turn, they’re greeted with the accepting, exciting and powerful love of Jesus. Do we love our waterslides and playing other fun activities on the Kountry-side? Of course! But a week spent at K-Kountry is about more than just having fun–it’s about the Lord touching the hearts of Kampers in an eternal way and fun activities led by people who are FOR you. Our staff members spend their days investing individually in each and every Kamper who walk through our gates, and they are constantly in prayer for the hearts of your children.


Our counselors show God’s love to our young Kampers in a way they’ll understand–by being an example of God’s care for them. When kids come to Kamp, they’re constantly encouraged and never criticized. They learn just how valuable they are in God’s eyes—that the God who created the whole world loves them more than anything they could ever imagine!


Part II: Instilling Confidence

As a mom, I understand the fears and anxieties that can accompany sending your child off to summer camp. Many of our young Kampers have never spent time away from home, and the thought can seem intimidating.


K-Kountry Kampers stay for one week. It’s the perfect amount of time for nervous children (or moms!) to spend away from home without feeling overwhelmed. It’s our goal to use this time away from everyday life to instill a great sense of confidence, responsibility and self-worth in each and every Kamper. Kamp is the perfect place for kids to grow in independence while still being constantly supported. While they’re making new friends, trying new activities and sleeping in a new place, our staff are right beside them, encouraging them every step of the way.


After each Kamp session, we gather our Kampers and their families to give Kampers awards for their hard work, achievements and good attitudes. It is one of our favorite times of the week at K-Kountry! We get to make Kampers feel famous and help them get excited about their unique gifts! When parents and their kids gather for awards, the whole family gets to see the how the Lord can uniquely do something great in the heart of every child.


The safe, loving and encouraging environment at K-Kountry makes every effort to give kids the best week of their summer. Though a week of fun flies by at K-Kountry, the lessons learned here can last a lifetime. We return every summer to K-Kountry because we believe in the power of a generation of children who know that they are special, they are enough, they are valued and that they are dearly loved by the God of the Universe.