2018 Party Theme Reveal | Kanakuk Kamps
2018 Party Theme Reveal
2018 Party Theme Reveal


We were so excited to share our Summer 2018 Party Themes with you yesterday!  Parties are one of Joe White’s and Kanakuk’s favorite parts of Kamp each year, because they allow us to get creative, show our personalities and keep the nonstop fun going! Theme Parties are the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and grow in confidence, and we can’t wait to celebrate them with you this summer.


If you’re headed to Kamp this summer, you’re probably looking for a little inspiration to get your costume packing list started. This blog post features all of Summer 2018’s themes. Click here to visit our Pinterest page, where we’ve pinned outfits and accessories to inspire your party attire.


You can also visit kanakukparties.com to learn which parties will be hosted during your particular Kamp term. While you’re there, you can also watch our first ever 360 party experience! We can’t wait to see what outfits and costumes our Kampers dream up for the BEST.SUMMER.EVER!


Tiki Wiki Luau

Aloha! It’s ukuleles for everyone in this pineapple paradise extravaganza as the islands come to life! That’s right, it’s sure to be a limbo good time, full of crazy kebabs, and partying palm trees. Grass skirts, flower leis, and Hawaiian shirts are a no-brainer in this South Pacific shindig! Grab your surfboard and hula up – the tide is rising!


Space Slam



3, 2, 1 blast off as outer space invades in full galactic force!  Where planets are a-plenty and aliens are the norm, this party is lacking only in oxygen! Grab your glow-in-the-dark get-up, snag your go-go shoes, and get yo self to the asteroid belt… the Milky Way madness is just beginning!


Flannels and Flapjacks

Calling all lumberjacks in denim and plaid! You haven’t seen this much flannel since the blowout sale at your local thrift store! It’s a real life Lincoln log hoedown overflowing with beanies, beards, bratwursts, and bonfires. This backwoods blowout will leave you chanting, “We want s’more!”


Talladega Throwdown


Buckle up and start your engines folks – it’s a go fast, turn left, jorts-wearing, freedom screaming, hotdog eating, Ray-Bans rocking kinda day! This ultimate rush of uber-fast cars and a checkered flag fiasco will have your engine roaring. Remember, it’s business in the front and party in the back!

Tour America



The U. S. of A. just got a whole lot rowdier as we bounce from the lights of NYC to the glamour of Hollywood in one epic evening. The Nashville nights, the Austin sights, and the Rocky Mountain heights have got you wondering what in the USA is next! Grab your fanny pack, fill the suitcase, and pack a polaroid for this high-mileage ride!

Finding Komo


It’s a snorkel and goggles type of night as we find ourselves under the sea! That’s right – party on—aqua style! Goldfish make up the snack of the night, and a popular outfit choice as well, in this underwater utopia featuring Nemo, Dory, Captain Hook, and Ariel! This wacky water uproar brings an entirely new meaning to the term K-Wet!


Big Time Blockbuster



Lights! Camera! Action! The spotlight is shining on you as you walk the red carpet and become the star of some of your favorite movies. Step straight onto the big screen, whether you dress like you are going to the Oscars or as the main character in your favorite movie, you’ll be the star of the show!

The Midnight Mystery



Sherlock, we have a problem! This one leaves us scratching our heads, all asking the same question: “Who did it?” Snag a magnifying glass, a top hat, and a notepad because the clock is ticking fast as we arrive with one single clue… will it be enough? A detective’s dream awaits – but a mystery is in the making as midnight looms!