2016 Theme Parties are Here! | Kanakuk Kamps
2016 Theme Parties are Here!

2016 Kanakuk Parties are here!

2016 theme parties are here! We can't wait for you to be here and experience all the fun and excitement of Kanakuk this summer! Click here to see which theme parties are happening at each Kamp!


2016 Kanakuk Parties are here!

Without further ado, the 2016 party themes are:


Beauties and the Beasts 

The “Battle of the Sexes” is here! Komos – it is your night to shine! Dress up like a princess and light up every Kanakuk gym, barn, teepee and cabin you walk into! You’re the star of the show and don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise! Kuks – it’s time for some pushups, protein, and powerlifting! Discover the manly beast inside of you and if you can’t grow a mustache yet, slap on a fake one! Superheroes, sasquatches, and Sergeants in the US Army will be in attendance at this beast of a party!  


Jerseys and Jorts

Nothing says “party” like a pair of jean shorts and your favorite team’s jersey! Grab some boots, a big ol’ belt buckle, and your hero’s jersey to wear to this boot-scootin’, team-rootin’, cheer-hootin’ ho-down! Pigtails for the ladies and mullets for the fellas are not only welcomed, but encouraged at this wild, western bonanza. The watermelon will be sliced, the root beer will be iced, and dance floor will be on fire with two-steppin’, jersey-wearin’, jort-sportin’ Kampers! 


The Race to Rio

The world’s flags will be flying at this global spectacular sporting event! World records will be set and shattered in the same day! How fast can you sprint? How far can you jump? How many Kampers can you fit into a canoe without tipping?! The finish line you’re shooting for is a gold medal around your neck and a place at the top of the podium! Wear your favorite sports gear, a sweatband, and represent your favorite country as we race to Rio, the home of the 2016 Kanakuk Olympics! The judges will definitely give this party a perfect score of 10! 


Ready, Set, Glow

If it’s not neon, it shouldn’t be on! If it ain’t bright, it ain’t right! If it doesn’t glow, just say “NO!” Glowsticks get the “green light” at this “glow big or go home” black-light ball. Don’t hit the brakes because the music will be bumping and the Kampers will be jumping like never before! Bring those glow in the dark sunglasses, neon tube socks, and white t-shirts while everyone glows crazy at the hype-est, most extra-glow-rdinary party in the world! It’s GLOW TIME… get ready… get set… GLOW! 


Red, White, & Boom

This here is America – the home of baseball, barbeques, and bald eagles! Strap on some red, white, and blue and come ready to celebrate the greatest country in the world! Don’t be surprised to find fireworks shot into the sky, corndogs launched through the air, and… politicians running, blobbing and ziplining to get your vote! Special American guests from throughout history will be making appearances all day long and remember – you don’t have to be in a “party”; you just get to come to the party! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! 


Party Rokka with Chewbakka

The force will be strong at this one! Grab a light saber and launch through galaxies into the craziest intergalactic bash Kanakuk has ever seen! You’ll want to wear a space helmet and buckle in to your spaceship because your mind is about to be blown! Will you join the dark side, or will you use the force to fight against them? If you choose to fight against them, don’t go “solo,” team up with other Kampers, aliens, k-woks, and K3PO to defeat the evil empire! And as the legendary Jedi says, “Have your mind blown, you will!”   


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