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Are you still wondering what POD day is?! Well here is your answer! POD day is one of Kamper's favorite day's at K-2!

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We are so encouraged when Kampers return to Kamp year after year! Today we celebrated the Kampers who have been coming back to Kamp for nine or more years with an ice cream social!

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Kampers had a blast during the first week of Kamp! Here are a few highlights of the week!

We opened the term by parading through Kamp for a Cirque de Ole themed party!

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Kampers are finally here, and we couldn't be more excited! Opening day was a blast!

We are so excited summer 2015 is finally here!


Built as a world-class oasis for teenagers, K-2 is a place where teenagers come to play, train, laugh, learn and grow so that they can return to th


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