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There are many different parts of Kamp to fall in love with: the delicious coffee cake on Sunday morning, the crazy themed parties and all of the lifelong friendships that are made every year.

Has someone ever said hurtful things about you behind your back? Have you ever been left out of a group of friends... and felt like it was on purpose?

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Have you ever seen something so magnificent that it takes your breath away?

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We've loved kicking off the fall by inspiring you with these October Scripture graphics! Feel free to download and share:

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Feel free to download these Scripture graphics and share with friends! 

What a joy it is to inspire our audience with God's Word each month! We'd love for you to download these graphics and share them with family and friends. Enjoy! 

Another month down, and we are well in to 2015! We loved being able to encourage you with God's Word in February. Here are the verses we highlighted for you last month: 

Happy February! Today we're reflecting on how God's Word encouraged us last month. Feel free to download these graphics & share them with your friends!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with friends & family! December can be a crazy, full month, and we've loved being able to encourage you with God's Word in this fun season.


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