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Well folks, we did it! All five terms at K-West have been completed. Summer 2015 has come and gone at K-West. The cabins are empty, the dining hall is quiet, and the lake is still.

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The Adventures in Dentures party has been a blast all summer! Kampers and staff dress up as senior citizens and get their boogie on!

Everything is truly awesome about our "Everything is Awesome" Party!


Crosstalk is a night of prayer and presenting the gospel. Our Crosstalk this year shows God's love and victory through the message of the Prodigal Son.

Counting down to the New Year is a ball at K-Seven! 


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Once a week, our Kuks gather for a day of all things manly!

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Girl Day has been a running tradition at K-West for many years now. This day brings the opportunity for fun and learning what it looks like to be women of God.


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Campfire night is a tradition we do at K-West every summer. Each cabin has its own fire pit to sit around and eat delicious food.

Treetops allows Kampers to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


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So what is all the buzz about Bumblebee here at K-Kountry? Believe it or not, most scientists say that bumblebees should not be able to fly, due to their large body and small wings.


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