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Flying to Kanakuk

For Kampers that fly commercially to Kanakuk, Kanakuk operated shuttle service is available to all our Kamps from local airports. Arrangements can be made during enrollment or when you log into your mykanakuk account.

Flight Options

Flying to Kanakuk? For best service, book your flights to Springfield (SGF) or Branson (BKG) through Adelman Travel at 1 (800) 749-7116. Identify yourself as a Kanakuk parent and they will provide you with the best itinerary and pricing available at the time of your call! They'll even secure your Kanakuk shuttle service. One Call does it all! To Learn more about your flight options, please see below.

We provide Airport Shuttle Service at two great airports for Kanakuk Kampers: Springfield/Branson Regional...
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Special arrangements can be made to shuttle your child to Kanakuk on days inside their Kamp term.
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Three great general aviation facilities can get you close to all Kanakuk summer camps. Kanakuk shuttle...
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