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Healthy Relationships

Meet the Summer Staff - Counselors


Healthy relationships are one important outcome of a summer camp experience. We encourage Kampers to put God first and others second. Relationsips with cabin mates, counselors, and teammates are all opportunities for learning important God honoring people skills. Our staff receive intentional training on how to foster healthy relationships which includes regular evaluation of cabin dynamics and Kamper health.


Kampers describe our counselors best when they say, "The counselors are really just like big brothers and sisters to me." Or "Even though they are a lot older than you, you can still hang out with them, and it's really fun." We know that our Kampers value their counselors, and parents do as well. That's why we take great effort in hiring and preparing our staff to create the safest environment possible. 


In addition to thorough pre-summer training, staff are given daily reminders of the most important child protection plan elements. Whenever possible, veteran staff are paired with new staff to increase accountability and supervision. We have a high collegiate staff retention rate of greater than 50% making this a highly effective aspect of the Kamp experience.


All one-on-one conversations and interactions with Kampers must be done in a public place with others present or visible. A third person is always encouraged in these settings. This is just one of 240 measurable protection elements in the Kanakuk Child Protection Plan and we encourage you to learn more by reviewing all our safety information or calling us at 417-266-3000.